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FangSmith: An Australian Small Business

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

Even FangSmith needs a morning cuppa

We've made it to the weekend, folks!

Our sincere apologies for the recent graveyard silence, we've been digging up and installing new equipment to upgrade our dental lab. Snapped up a vacuum mixer, suck down machine, wet/dry model trimmer and finished making our pressure pot. Can't wait to try out the new tips and tricks we picked up from the local dental techs we met on the weekend who gave so generously of their time. FangSmith is 2 years old and has been fanging for 9 months now. As far as I know we're the only business making vampires fangs in Australia. Mr FangSmith and I are working our day jobs to keep things rolling fast. I'll bet you've never seen someone so excited to get to a dental lab on a Saturday. A lot of blood, sweat and tears (in our case mostly blood) has gone into learning and running our little business.

Waxing up some custom made vampire teeth

Honestly; we couldn't be more in love with the results of our labour. Seeing someone's face light up when they see themselves with fangs for the first time is a purely magick moment that makes us thrum with pride. We've learned so much so far; accounting, photography, web design, copywriting, SEO, sourcing and researching supplies, emboldening our social skills and, don't forget, we had to learn how to make these fangs!

Waxing up a set of triple fangs

Even with 14 years as a dental technician Mr FangSmith didn't know how to craft fang style caps. It took months of precious weekends of experimenting before our fangs were just right. They go against everything a dental technician is taught and we love the fascination dental techs show when curiously inspecting our teeth. Thank you for coming along with us on our fang filled journey, we're so humbled that you find us to be fascinating creatures! If there's anything that you've been dreaming of doing I strongly urge you to push forward and do it, even if you begin with the smallest of steps. The first official FangSmith purchase was simply a ring binder with clear sheets so we could print out lists of materials and machinery that we wanted. Like a dental dream board, if you will. Possibly the most boring dream board most people have seen lol.

Mr FangSmith at work in the dental lab

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