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Darkly Dreaming

of a Lifelike Razerous Smile...

FangSmith creates dental grade acrylic vampire fang caps that slip on over your tooth and hold like a glove until removed. Our realistic style of fangs are perfect for cosplay, theatre and high fashion photo shoots.

These are the fangs that make passersby concerned for your dental welfare and let slip ice cream cone from hand to stop and gorge their eyes in curiosity and wonder.

Made For your Comfort

Our dental grade acrylic fangs are specially crafted for a natural appearance and feel, permitting you to speak and drink as normal after some practice.

Colour matched and created from a model of your teeth to assure a perfect fit, our fangs are realistic looking caps that slide on like a glove and hold until removed.

Learn how to place a mail order here.

Checkout our Fang Designs or Contact us with your custom design ideas.

We'd love to hear about your next cosplay and can craft a sharper smile to match.

 Sleep All Day

 Party All Night

 Never Grow Old

 Never Die

 It's Fun To Be

 A Vampire

-The Lost Boys

October 5, 2020

FangSmith creates custom fit vampire fangs using high quality, dental grade materials. To make that accurate, lifelike and comfortable fit we need an exact replica of your teeth, a process that begins by taking an impression in dental putty and then pouring dental sto...

May 22, 2020

Have you been isolated and fangless during this outbreak?
Fear not, fangs are an attainable dream once again!


Dentists across Australia are now returning to business as usual, taking appointments for dental impressions to make stone cast dental models again!

Follow t...

April 10, 2020

*Update 22-5-20: Dentists Australia wide are now back in action! Huzzah!*

And now, for awhile, we shall sleep..


Dental care worldwide has become limited due to COVID-19 and you may be unable to visit your dentist to get dental models made, which we use for making fan...

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