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Fang FAQ

Fang FAQ

What exactly are the fangs made of?

Our fangs are comprised of Telio dental grade acrylics from Ivoclar Vivadent.

How do they stay on?

The fangs are perfectly fitted to the shape of your teeth like a glove. We craft them off of a stone model of your teeth that's made for you by your dentist. Their fit is checked and ensured on the stone dental model before we mail them out to you.

Though everyone's teeth are different! If the shape of your teeth prevented them from staying on then we would modify the fangs to suit. If we couldn't make your requested design we'd contact you with alternate suggestions and work from there.

Discover our post "What exactly are these fangs?" for further info & helpful photos.

What do I do with my stone model when I get it back?

Keep them safe! If you want any more fangs made then you can use the same models so long as you have not had any dental work done since it was made.

However, time is also a factor as your teeth naturally move as they wear down with chewing. A model that is 6 months old is fine, even up to 12 months, time beyond that and the fit of new fangs can not be guaranteed.


Can my fangs be repaired?

Yes! We can repair minor breaks and cracks if you have all the pieces and the original stone model that the fangs were made with. The first minor repair job is free, excluding postage.

If a fang has been shattered or crushed then the cost of repair is based on the level of damage. Send photos of the damaged fangs to for assessment and estimated repair costs.

When and how often should I wear my fangs?

As the fangs can cause you to hold your jaw open slightly, engaging muscles that aren't often worked, we recommend a 12-hour limit to fang wear. We don't recommend eating with them, as your bite pressure can stress the acrylic and cause it to fracture after some time.

When not in use, you can store your fangs in the protective fang case that we send in every order.

Please remember to remove your fangs before sleeping!

Can I drink alcohol with my fangs?

Yes, so long as you are not prone to gargling or holding alcohol in your mouth for prolonged amounts of time.

Drinking to excess with fangs in is not recommended. Try to stay away from highly coloured drinks to prevent the occurrence of staining.

Should I clean my fangs?

We advise at least rinsing with cold water and mouth wash after wearing, then air drying and returning them to their case. Remember to plug the sink! For lipstick and other stains simply clean with a soft-bristle toothbrush and mouth wash.

How is the order packaged?

Our orders are shipped to you in the packaging that the model was shipped in unless deemed unfit for shipment. If the package was damaged in transit we will then ship out a plain brown Australia Post box. No pictures are visible.

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