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Ordering Fangs in Precious Metal

A Summary of the Process for
Ordering Precious Metal Fangs

FangSmith has been working in collaboration with Artisan Jewellery since 2018 to create precious metal fangs.

FangSmith designs the wax models and prepares the stone dental models, while Artisan Jewellery casts and finishes the metal fangs.

Here is a summary of the information:

  • Stone dental models are required for the initial design process.

  • FangSmith's design cost for a single pair of fangs is $85.

  • FangSmith also charges $20 for duplication of the stone dental model that the metal fangs will be designed from.

  • The rest of the price depends on the metal chosen, the fang size, the type of polishing, and any additional stone settings. A quote can be obtained by contacting  Artisan Jewellery.

  • Metal fangs are available in yellow and white gold (9ct or 18ct), platinum, and sterling silver.

  • Different levels of polishing and optional stone settings are available.

  • Artisan Jewellery offers a variety of precious stones, which may include black diamond, garnet, and tanzanite.

Please note that prices and details for these fangs may vary. It is best to reach out to Phil at Artisan Jewellery for the most accurate quote via email at or via submitting the below inquiry form, which will be emailed to him.

A Guide to Ordering Precious Metal Fangs

At FangSmith, we offer the option of Precious Metal Fangs crafted in collaboration with Artisan Jewellery, specialists in customised jewellery and design services. If you're interested in getting your own set of custom metal fangs, follow these steps to order.

Pricing Breakdown

The overall cost of your metal fangs will depend on several factors, including the type of metal you choose, the size of the fangs, and the addition of any precious stones. Here's a breakdown of the pricing components:

  • Impression Kit (if required): FangSmith charges $100 for a Dental Impression Kit.

  • Fang Design: FangSmith charges $85 for designing each pair of fangs.

  • Stone Model Preparation (if applicable): FangSmith also charges $20 to create a duplicate stone model, ensuring accurate and precise design and finishing.

  • Casting and Finishing: The cost of casting and finishing the metal fangs will be provided by Phil at Artisan Jewellery. The final price will vary based on the metal chosen, the size of the fangs, and any additional customization.

Submit the below Inquiry form or Contact Phil for Pricing

Once you have an idea of what kind of precious metal fangs you want you can contact Phil at Artisan Jewellery for a quote on the casting, finishing, cost of the precious metal and other options.

Phil specializes in customised jewellery and will be able to provide you with the pricing details based on your chosen metal (yellow gold, white gold (9ct or 18ct), platinum, or sterling silver), the type of polishing used, and any optional stone settings that you desire.

You can reach Phil at or you can submit the below inquiry form, which will be sent to both Phil and FangSmith.

Approving the Quote

After consulting with Artisan Jewellery and receiving the quote for the metal fangs, you can decide whether to proceed with the order. If you're satisfied with the quote and ready to move forward, inform Artisan Jewellery and FangSmith of your decision.

Payment and Shipping

Once you've approved the quote with Artisan, it's time to work with FangSmith to arrange either the shipment of your stone dental models or the purchase of a Dental Impression Kit, and the model duplication and wax-up design fees. We will send you an invoice for this with payment instructions. Once we receive payment, we will work with you to get the process underway. 

To learn more about the stone dental models and our
Dental Impression Kit, visit the Ordering Fangs page.

Design and Approval

After we receive your stone dental models or completed dental impressions, our dental technician, Jarrad, will create a design mockup of your fangs in wax. A photo of the design will be sent to you for approval. If any adjustments are needed, we'll make the necessary changes to ensure your satisfaction.

Jarrad will ensure precise fitting and then Phil will cast and finish the metal fangs.


Your completed Precious Metal Fangs will be shipped directly to you from Artisan Jewellery in Bunbury, Western Australia. Please provide your mailing address to Phil, and he will arrange the shipping.

And that's it!

By following these steps, you can order your own set of stunning and custom-made Precious Metal Fangs. If you have any further questions or need assistance at any stage of the process, don't hesitate to reach out to either FangSmith or Artisan Jewellery.

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