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Fangs by FangSmith

Fangs by FangSmith

 "We are fashioned creatures, but half made up." - Victor Frankenstein


Our prices are based on the number of fangs required. Designs are not limited by the images below, which are examples only. We can work with you to bring to life the custom teeth that you've been dreaming of, whether it be something seen in movies or designed by your own hand.

Contact us for a chat or move to Ordering Fangs to bring your sharpest smile to life.

Prices vary upon request of larger designs i.e. orc tusks.

Acrylic Fangs

Dental Acrylic Fangs

Dental Acrylic Fangs

Classically recognizable, these elongated canines were first immortalized on the big screen by Christopher Lee.

A subdued and unobtrusive style that will make passersby take a double look.


 Price $160.00 AUD

Single Pair

Single Pair

Dramatic length vampire fangs
RJ's long length custom vampire fangs
Sharp kitten fang teeth
True Blood Style Fangs
Vampire fangs made with dental materials
Custom kitten fangs
True Blood Style Fangs-Short
Custom m
From fang tip to gum line
Long Vampire Canines
Single vampire fangs en citrus
Custom dental acrylic vampire fangs
Single fangs
Subtle fangs catching the light
Custom vampire teeth
Subtle single fangs
Professionally crafted fang caps
Feral fangs
Custom fit vampire fangs on model

Double Pair

Double Pair

A pearly disguise for your canines and laterals.

This set is a more modernistic interpretation of vampire glamour.

 Price $300.00 AUD

Moana Mayatrix's vampire fangs
Large Double Vampire Fangs
Fangs For a Rock Queen
Set of two fangs by FangSmith
Top and Bottom Vampire Fangs
Kitten Like Double Fangs
Double vampire fangs
Canine and Lateral Fangs
Glamour Goth's fangs
Razerous Double Fangs
Custom vampire fangs
Realistic custom made vampire teeth
Two Front Vampire Teeth
Glamour Goth's fangs
Double fangs
Megan's triple set of custom vampire fangs
The Vampire Diaries Style Fangs
Triple Vampire Fangs, Akasha style
Maddy's triple fangs
Real looking daywalker vampire fangs
Custom vampire fangs
Interview Style-Long
Triple set of custom made fangs
Vampire cherry
By FangSmith Custom Vampire Fangs

Triple Pair

Triple Pair

 Price $440.00 AUD

Disguising your canines, laterals and bicuspids, this is hands down the most comfortable set to wear.

Majestic and proud, let it not be mistaken: you're on top of the food chain.

Metal Fangs

Metal Fangs

Fangs in metal are crafted in collaboration with Artisan Jewellery, specialists in customised jewellery and design services. Contact Phil with your design idea for a chat and quote today.

Stone dental models are sent to us for initial design service (starting at $85 AUD) and then sent on for metal smithing and stone setting.

Available metals

  • Yellow and white gold, both 9ct or 18ct

  • Platinum

  • Sterling silver

Different levels of polishing are available as well as optional stone setting. Artisan has a plethora of stones to choose from including black diamond, various shades of garnet, rare tanzanite and more.

Examples of Design

Examples of Design

Metal Fangs
Dentures with Fangs

Dentures with Fangs

Looking for dentures with fangs? We can make it happen!

Duplicated Dentures: In this process we create a duplicate of your existing set of dentures, adding fangs to the denture copy. Flexible dentures and dentures with metal frameworks or clasps cannot be copied.

Pricing for duplicated dentures is $400.00 AUD

and $80.00 AUD for every pair of fangs crafted on them.

Custom Grills

Pricing for each grill is $400.00 AUD

Have something unique in mind? We can help bring your toothsome vision to life as a custom dental grade acrylic grill.

Grills can be crafted to exactly match the rest of your mouth or we can create a completely new look by painting with acrylic colour stains.

Custom Grills
Glow-in-the-Dark Fangs

Glow in the Dark Acrylic Fangs

Glow in the dark fangs! The fabulous glow comes from the photo-luminescent pigment that has been suspended in our dental grade acrylics.

Just like glow in the dark toys, these fangs do need to be intermittently charged by a light source before they will astound passersby with their nighttime glow.

Pricing is an additional $20 to standard acrylic fang creations. See top of the page.


Glow in the dark single vampire fang
Glow in the dark sfx grills
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