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Custom Fang Works

Custom Fang Works

The process begins with you.

In order to create a personalised and form fitted set of teeth we must work from a positive hard stone model of the tops and bottoms of your teeth that's been cleaned and trimmed up, bubble free and tidy. We also need a tooth colour prescription for us to match our telio dental grade acrylics to, and a bite impression. 

You can easily book an appointment with your local dentist to have a mould taken of your teeth and then cast into a hard stone model. Stone models are classified as general dental and the cost may be partially covered by your insurance, contact your insurance company and consult with your dentist for more information.

If it's been awhile since you've had a dental checkup then your dentist may require  an initial consultation fee to ensure that you don't require other dental work prior to taking a cast of your teeth. Most health insurances will cover this cost.


For your reference, when calling your insurance company, the code numbers for these procedures are as follows:
013 - Oral Examination - Limited 
071 - Diagnostic model 
071 - Diagnostic model


Here's a link for average dental charges by state

Contact us to book our smithy


Once you've collected the stone models from your dentist and decided on your design please fill out the form below. After arranging payment details and shipment of your stone model we'll begin working with you on your requested design.

Post your stone model to us

Do not send models without placing an order first. Please pack your model securely with bubble wrap in a box, not a flat package. We highly recommend choosing the 'Extra Cover' option when sending with Australia Post. Our postal address is:


P.O. Box 271 

Balingup 6253

Western Australia


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