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What Exactly Are These Fangs?

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

Nosferatu fangs on dental model attached to articulator

Upon first glance it's apparent that these aren't your everyday Halloween store novelty fangs, nor the premade plastic chompers that get denture glued to your canines, though these are certainly the very first important stepping stones. Different from even a grill or overdenture, each tooth is an individual piece, easily carried in a small container that fits in your pocket. Fitting snug as a glove over your teeth, there's no need for glues or moldable plastic. These are not permanent vampire fangs, they can be removed on and off as you need. This is the realistic style of fangs worn in television, theatre and in high fashion photo shoots. These are the fangs that make passersby concerned for your dental welfare and let slip ice cream cone from hand to stop and gorge their eyes in curiosity and wonder.

Showing acrylic cap fang and side view of fang on stone dental model

FangSmith creates 'acrylic cap' style fangs; crafting off of a stone dental model of your upper and lower teeth that's then fitted into a dental articulator. The dental articulator is a device that allows us to find the position of your natural bite and create fangs that rest comfortably and look natural in your mouth.

Everyone's fangs are a unique creation because of the nature of different jaw and tooth positions. Jarrad Smith, our fangsmith, spent 14 years as a crown and bridgework dental technician, perfecting his designs of tooth anatomy in porcelain, gold and acrylic. Checkout Fang Designs for examples of our fangs or Contact Us with your custom design ideas. We'd love to work with you to help you bring your darkest smile to light. Visit Ordering Fangs to discover how to order these custom creations.

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