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Black Diamond Fangs

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

Black diamond fit to silver fangs with gypsy setting.

How deeply unsettling it is to see yourself reflected in the mouth of a predator.

Our prototypal silver fang caps have been set with the most sumptuous little black diamonds by Artisan Jewellery of Bunbury! They sit just under level to the metal surface, held in place by a gypsy setting/flush setting for guaranteed security. These are still cap style fangs, created for perfect fit and comfort in your mouth. In true dental tech style there's detailing on the backs for your lower teeth to rest near your natural bite position. The front of the fangs are sleek, showy and glamourous, as jewellery should be. We're excited to create different metal & stone fangs once collab details are sorted!

Though I feel my days may be numbered, you see; Mr FangSmith has become unusually and deviously raptorial ever since he reclaimed his resplendent canines..

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