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The Metal Will Live On-Metal Fangs That Is

Updated: Jul 5

A denture customised with a real silver metal fang
Denture fitted with a silver fang

Presenting you with our latest custom creation in collaboration with Artisan Jewellery, an upper denture augmented with a silver fang. So stylin'. It's always a joy to craft these custom creations, designed by special request and wrought by working closely with you, our customer. Our aim has always been to bring your fangiest dreams to life. To get custom fangs, you'll need to mail us stone dental models of your upper and lower teeth. You can attain stone models either by visiting your dentist or by ordering our mail out, at-home impression kit. Read more on how to order fangs here. After we receive your stone dental models, the process of making metal fangs begins. We create a design mockup in wax and send a photo to you for approval, making any adjustments if necessary. The design cost for a single pair of metal fangs is $80; the rest of the price is determined via a quote from Phil at Artisan Jewellery, who specialises in customised jewellery and design. The total cost of making metal fangs depends on which type of metal you choose and if any precious stones will be added. Contact Phil with your design idea for a chat and quote today.