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Fang Gallery- A Display of Past Creations

Updated: Jul 5

What inspires your sharpest grin? It is a movie, a story, or a myth? I'm endlessly fascinated, I have to say. I can't get enough of the movies, stories and myths about anything with fangs. To me, there's just something primal about fangs. Something curiously emotive that somehow reminds me that I am human and some of those entailments that I forgot about. Because sometimes I forget that I'm strong, self-sovereign and that I am my very own great personal powerhouse. I may forget that I'm capable as hell, have already seen such wild adventures and that even though I'm quite a loner, my pack will answer if I put out a howl. For me, fangs remind me that I do have these qualities, sometimes I just forget-argh! Lol. I guess it's like the opposite of that Balinese tooth filing ritual, metatah. I just wanna embrace and integrate my human-animal nature ♥︎ So, without further adieu, it's my pleasure to present: Sharp as f*ck fangs by FangSmith.