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Fang Gallery- A Display of Past Creations

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

What inspires your sharpest grin? It is a movie, a story, or a myth? I'm endlessly fascinated, I have to say. I can't get enough of the movies, stories and myths about anything with fangs. To me, there's just something primal about fangs. Something curiously emotive that somehow reminds me that I am human and some of those entailments that I forgot about. Because sometimes I forget that I'm strong, self-sovereign and that I am my very own great personal powerhouse. I may forget that I'm capable as hell, have already seen such wild adventures and that even though I'm quite a loner, my pack will answer if I put out a howl. For me, fangs remind me that I do have these qualities, sometimes I just forget-argh! Lol. I guess it's like the opposite of that Balinese tooth filing ritual, metatah. I just wanna embrace and integrate my human-animal nature ♥︎ So, without further adieu, it's my pleasure to present: Sharp as f*ck fangs by FangSmith.

Single Fangs

Custom made fangs will sure make a scene at your next vampire LARP.
Classic style vampire fangs, from kitten cute to elongated and intimidating.

Double Fangs

Sets with two vampire fangs, custom made by FangSmith Australia.
Double vampire fangs, for a wicked sharp smile.

Triple Fangs

Three triple sets of vampire fangs. For a really razor sharp smile.

Metal Fangs

Vampire fangs with gold tips, made of real gold, and fangs made of silver, set in a real denture

..What, you want more? Haven't quite satisfied your hunger for fangy goodness? Fair 'nuff! Discover more fangtastic creations on our Fang Designs page.

Legendary epic vampire fangs made by FangSmith Australia



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