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5 Years of FangSmith: A Personal Look at Humble Beginnings

This plaque has sat on a table in the hallway to FangSmith for the last 5 years.
Yes we can!

What a ride, folks! FangSmith has been befanging the public for 5 years! To celebrate, I thought I'd take you guys on a personal journey with me down memory lane. I was just sitting here going through some of the first photos ever taken of FangSmith's humble, scrappy beginnings. We have come so far and looking back, I really couldn't be more proud of us and grateful to you, our beloved customers, for supporting and joining us on our fangy journey. Below: Preparing a room to be the first lab. Late nights in bed, business planning. Our first business name registration. Our custom-built trimming box, first order of dental acrylic supplies & tools. Me testing out our very first shade guide.

Mr FangSmith (Jarrad) ran many experiments to work out our initial process of making cap-style fangs in Jet acrylics. Below: Our first dental impression trays. My first dental impression. Pouring up and casting the first stone dental models. Creating the first fang designs in wax. Some of the first experiments in making acrylic fangs.

The visual feel of FangSmith has come from me, from frustrating beginnings with my phone's camera to the Canon 80D we use today. Below: Trying to work out the best settings for a Canon Ixus 90 IS. Jarrad as the model for our first photoshoot. Me, excited at our first shoot with decent cameras, captured by Jarrad. Jarrad's first fangs, colour stained to match his teeth. Our first business flyer from 2017. The first-ever set of fangs purchased.

Whew! It sure took a lot of nights staying up late to read about business, dental supply and marketing. And sorry for cutting back on Christmas presents over the last 5 years guys! Learning how to balance our lives has been real and I think we've finally got it juuuuust about right. We're currently making our way through fang orders from our recent adventure to the Perth goth markets. Thank you! There are a few things in the works that we're excited to be bringing you this year.

Keep your eyes peeled! Soon we'll be releasing a Limited Edition Enamel Pin in both gold and silver plating, specially made in celebration of our 5 year anniversary!

Sussing out FangSmith's next projects and growth
A productive mess of media- June 2021

From our heart to yours, thank you for choosing FangSmith 🖤


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