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Coming Soon: The Dark Gift Box

Disclaimer: This is a rant.

Holy crap I hate waiting for things.

I dream it, design it, ask someone to make it then I wait..Endlessly, for eternity; time stretching painfully into untold eons. When is Australia Post gonna come tapping at my chamber door with my gold and silver beauties?

I feel like the momma bird of this business, fussily preparing the nest for their long-awaited arrival.

I found the perfect 'dark gift' boxes, ribbon, glorious ruby-red tissue paper. I've lovingly assembled them all (not ribboned yet, mind you, only those few for a website photo). And yes, I've made a pretty picture and updated the website. Designed a dear little 65 x 65 card to hold each enamel pin. Ordered compostable cello bags..

Can't wait to bring you all our latest dark offerings, promise I'll let you know as soon as they arrive.

Yours in eternity, -Megan

P.S: Jarrad is here too, busy in the laboratory, making fangs! Thank you guys for your recent orders 🖤


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