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FangSmith's Public Debut at The Perth Oddities and Curiosities Market

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

Megan and Jarrad of FangSmith at the Perth Oddities and Curiosities Market
FangSmith at the Perth Oddities and Curiosities Market

Hell's bells, we had such a delightful time meeting everyone at the Perth Oddities and Curiosities Market last weekend. This was the first event we've taken FangSmith to and we were both quite enchanted and beyond humbled to meet ya'll.

Up until this, we had existed solely as an online business. It's a funny thing to pour soul into making fangs in the lab, building a website, designing sweet af (just sayin') business cards and then mostly see people only through FB comments and google stats.

But like..every time someone sidled up to the table to grab a business card, it felt like the years of quietly growing were so worth the wait. Meeting you guys has inspired our imaginations and we are already busy spinning up new offerings and polishing up foundational works. Keep your eyes peeled!

From our heart to yours; thank you for visiting FangSmith, -Megan & Jarrad A special shout out to our long time friend and business support mate, Nina Smith, local author of the beautifully illustrated, eco-wise colouring book, The Song of the Serpent King. Discover Nina's books on her website.


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