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Blood Review: Pigs Might Fly South

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

Blood spatter effect with special effects stage blood by Nick Dudman.

What a bloody mess! We've been having an absolute blast playing with high quality SPFX stage bloods by Pigs Might Fly South! Though they're very lifelike and gory in appearance they sure do taste deliciously saccharine, not at all sanguine.

Thankfully I was able to get them in Australia by Scotty's Make-up Store and surprised Mr FangSmith with them for Halloween. You know I just can't resist a surprise.

Dark and standard bloods by Pigs Might Fly South, a vampire's best friend.

I had so much fun creating different effects with these stage production quality bloods! I ended up layering the dark and standard bloods, tapping them on, dripping them on then letting them set before applying more for that messy but still snacking look. It does look like a serious mess but everything washed straight off of my face and clothes with no trace of lingering dye, skin irritation or sticky effect. There was no scrubbing to be had, once the shower water hit it it just ran off in rivulets. Afterwards I found out you can add up to 20% more water for a thinner, runnier, splashier blood effect. Thinning by more than 20% may lead to dye issues. Sweet. Neither the acrylic fangs nor my skin and clothing were affected by any colour staining, everything washed up as perfectly clean as it was prior to application.

A vampire among blood spattered roses. We made a mess.

I love the way they looked coating FangSmith fangs! I had to keep smearing the blood on my teeth and lips because I kept licking it away, it was just so damn tasty! You see, not all fake bloods are created equal. I've tasted some seriously vile ones in my many years of experience and really appreciated the delicious, chemical free taste.


Best of all; these bloods are free of harmful chemicals and are EU Cosmetic Regulation compliant. The ingredients are fully listed, with each batch recorded and each bottle labeled for traceability.


If you’re looking for fake blood to use for your next stage play or photoshoot give this family owned business a go. Their recipes have been handed down in the family by Nick Dudman, who famously worked on the Harry Potter movies! Find them at Pigs Might Fly South.

Vampire with a silver bat ring licking up blood.

'Interview' inspired ring created by Grave Metallum Jewellery and Artisan Jewellery.

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