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NEW!: At Home Dental Impression Kit

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

FangSmith promo for our at-home dental impression kit

FangSmith creates custom fit vampire fangs using high quality, dental grade materials. To make that accurate, lifelike and comfortable fit we need an exact replica of your teeth, a process that begins by taking an impression in dental putty and then pouring dental stone into that to create a positive cast. Up until now we had recommended this process be done by your dentist and then the stone models be mailed to us but the recent changes in public health have left dentists rightfully more choosy about what procedures they're doing. We found this quite distressing! What could we do to help the unfanged public? How could we get the extremely accurate dental impressions that we needed to make fangs?! The impression material that we had for in-house jobs had to be refrigerated once the impression was taken and started degrading after 24 hours. We couldn't possibly use it, especially with Australia Post under strain. But BEHOLD! We contacted dental companies across Australia and finally sourced a long-life impression material AND a high detail filler for added accuracy. BOOYAH!


For your ease of ordering and at home comfort; FangSmith proudly presents our at home dental impression kit!


The kit includes: -x1 tooth shade colour guide -x3 tubs each of dental putty activator & base -x9 dental impression trays in three different sizes -x1 pair super fly pink, powder free, latex free nitrile gloves -x3 oral syringes of dual acting precision impression material And our full colour instruction booklet (that you can keep!) & a postage paid, return shipping label.


Contact us at to order an impression kit & get started on making your custom fit, dental grade acrylic vampire fangs today! Available for $100 AUD (seperate to the cost of fangs).

Once you have placed your fang order and your impressions are returned to us we create stone dental models from them. We then design a mock up of your fangs in wax for you to check & approve, working with you to create the shape you desire by sending photos and making modifications of the design.

Click through the images below to view our impression kit instruction booklet; a full colour guide detailing the at home dental impression process.

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