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To Our Beloved Customers

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

FangSmith's customer thank you card.

We are so fond of you, beloved customers and fans.

When a fang order comes in, a spark is shared. We craft something that may complete a part of someone that they've always felt was missing or perfect a costumed visage they couldn't finish alone. It warms our little undead hearts and makes them beat with joy.

This week Mr. FangSmith crafted the sturdiest, smallest, sharpest fangs we've ever made! As we mailed them out of our tiny Balingup post office I dreamt lightly of the person who will wear them and remembered the euphoria of receiving my first pair of fangs, feeling a very certain kind of kinship.

I remember being a little girl in Ohio in the 90's, staring at custom canines wistfully on a computer screen and vowing to get a ticket to New York one day. New York never came for me, but Australia did via meeting Mr. FangSmith. We've worked so hard on FangSmith and feel such ecstatic revelry in our ability to fulfill humanity's vampy dreams and ours in turn. A new fang order descended upon my inbox this morning. FangSmith HQ is relit with excitement.

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