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How Are Stone Dental Models Made?

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

A bit of the process of taking an impression and pouring the stone model.

Stone dental models are necessary for the creation of custom fit fangs and do require a trip to the dentist. Unless your dentist has a 3D scanner, you'll need to get dental impressions taken of your teeth. Though, if you're near Balingup, we're able to do this for you!


"What the heck is a dental impression?" you might ask.


First we check to see which size impression trays fit your mouth, everyone is unique! Then the dental alginate (a material mostly derived from seaweed) is mixed with water to create a paste that gets loaded onto the tray and popped into your mouth. A timer, which you can watch if you'd like, goes off after 60-90 seconds and the tray is removed with now semi solid alginate. This is done for an impression of your top teeth and then once more for your bottom teeth.

It's that easy!

We then mix up and vibrate until bubble free, a cement like dental stone that is slowly poured into your dental impressions.

After these are built up and set to a rock like consistency they get popped out of the alginate impression to reveal a perfect model of your chompers. This stone model is trimmed on the wet model trimmer to achieve a nice shape on the base so it can be fitted onto a dental articulator.

The articulator is a device that we use to mimic how your teeth would fit together in the mouth, necessary for creating a comfortable fit in the wax up design of your fangs.

Mr FangSmith focuses intently on the waxup design for a set of fangs.

If you have any questions we're more than happy to answer them! Feel free to drop us a line.

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