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'Seen Any Vampires?' Youtube Series

Introducing new Youtube series: 'Seen Any Vampires?'! ‘Seen Any Vampires?’ is an urban-fantasy-comedy-sketch-improv Youtube series featuring fangs, fondue, psychics, and a little bit of too real life advice. The nature of improv is chaos, invoking insane plot twists and turns! Meet larger-than-life and groovy x2 vampire hunter Barry Mundi, (in)famous psychic Mystic Megan, Parthenia the Vampire Queen (straight outta Shadow!) and bogan vampires Dazzas Jnr & Snr.

Straight out of Donnybrook, Western Australia and completely unscripted. Featuring original vintage costuming, historically accurate lighting, amazing low budget special effects and more magical realism than you can shake a shaman stick at. (Seriously guys, stop kicking the camera for 'SPFX'..)

​ Brought to life as a collaboration between FangSmith, Gingergolds, and Glamour Goth, in cahoots with Barry Mundi (playing himself) and Nina Smith Author (not playing herself). Parthenia, Dazza and Bambi sporting vampire teeth custom made by FangSmith!

'Just Ask Barry' segments offer life advice and occasional guitar songs. Follow us on Facebook for bonus outtakes and extra content.

Episodes available now on YouTube!

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