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'Seen Any Vampires?': Bambi's Nosferatu Teeth

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

They told me I could be absolutely anything I wanted to be when I grew up. So I grew up to be Bambi the vampire; banana enthusiast, ex-cheerleader and professional lava lamp inspector for YouTube series 'Seen Any Vampires'. I highly recommend always doing what you love & never stop being yourself! ♥️

Bambi's nosferatu fangs pictured on stone dental model and in her mouth.

Each set of vampire teeth worn in 'Seen Any Vampires?' was made by FangSmith, but Bambi's nosferatu inspired set of fangs is our absolute favourite! Each tooth is an individual acrylic cap, attaining a very serious illusion and convincing anyone that dare peer through the window of Gingergold's while we're filming. They look seriously perturbing in the mouth of such a sparkly pink, perky, 'like omg totally awesome' personality. Just downright conflicting! Find Bambi and the rest of the gang on Facebook for behind the scenes content!

Bambi inspectiving lava lamps on 'Seen Any Vampires?' Youtube banner.

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