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Balingup Medieval Carnival 2018

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

We had such a blast yesterday at Balingup Medieval Carnivale 2018! Before we got to the main event we stopped by to visit our friends Angelo (Balignup's littlest dragon) and Kate, who was kind enough to hand our cards to anyone who asked about her fangs. Thanks Kate! Our cold little hearts are warmed by the support of town. It was so lovely of the shops in town to let us hang FangSmith posters up over the weekend, thank you for your amazing support, you guys are awesome!

We got to have a lounge in a GOT inspired throne and we found Wally/Waldo (Snowflakem8) walking about the place! Hell yes I want a photo with him! Surprised no one else was rushing in claiming to have found him. Lovely to have met and mingled with some people curious about our fangs, you guys had such amazing showy costumes. FangSmith is definitely dressing to the nines next year!

We wandered around visiting different stalls and found our instagram friends, Pure Ratbag, down from Rockingham with their delicious soaps! We got to smell all the ones we hadn't tried yet and she very slyly told us she's releasing a Lestat soap soon, which we can't wait to try. Nina and I visited the snakes and had many danger noodle cuddles. The ritual Burning of the Dragon was amazing this year! It looks like they created a frame that is impervious to burning so that they can use the same structure again and again. Well done, clever volunteers.

After the ritual Burning of the Dragon we visited the much lesser known ritual; the Extinguishing of the Dragon and jumped at the chance for a photo op. Love the way these turned out! Honestly I'm not too sure that FangSmith supports burning dragons, as Dracula means 'son of the Dragon'. Perhaps next year we'll make signs and protest the burning. I mean, surely dragonkind aren't as dangerous as Balingup Medieval Carnivale makes them out to be?


Thank you again to the amazing volunteers who made this event possible and to the shops in town who supported FangSmith over Medieval weekend. We love our town!


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