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Photoshoot with a Merpire

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

Mermaid/Vampire hybrids are the most fabulously sparkling vampire offshoot.

Part mermaid, part vampire. Crossing oceans of time not by boat, but by fluke and fins. We had such an awesome photoshoot this month with Maddy and friends. It was a magical day of feline led nature walks/location scouts, lessons on plant life by randomly appeared Balingup locals, story sharing and group makeup efforts. It was still too cold to leave landlegs behind and don her siren's tail but we did get a sneak peak at Maddy's scaley majesty and may photograph her siren's song in a future shoot.

Sparkle mer makeup and vampire squad support was graciously provided by Kitty of Lunar Coven Piercings and Dani of D'Moniq, Bunbury's exclusively alt clothing store. This was my first time asking a new friend to model for FangSmith and Maddy's first time having a camera working so close to her face. Photographing fangs is very invasive and, as photographer and model, we did a bit of playing around before settling into flow. We were lucky to have perfect afternoon lighting and wildflowers abound. We shot in front of native yellow wattles, proteas, rosemary bushes, the dam and even snuck over to the church down the road and shot in front of their stained glass windows. So glad the church was empty, that would have been awkward to explain like, "Just your neighbor; FangSmith!"

Cats are endlessly fascinated with vampires, not disincluding merpire hybrids.

Long Tail was super enamoured with Maddie and was being a huge flirt, following us about and lording around for half the shoot. What a sook. Had such a great time and so pleased with how the photos all came out. Thank you Maddy and team for such an awesome day!

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