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Metal Fangs

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

A section on how to order metal fangs has been added to the website! Stone dental models are sent to us for initial design service ($85 Australian dollars for the design of a single set of fangs) and then sent on for metal smithing and stone setting. Metal fang caps are available in:

  • Yellow & white gold, both 9ct or 18ct

  • Platinum

  • Sterling silver

There's an optional array of stones to choose from, so far we've seen black diamonds and aquamarine used. Garnet or tiny rubies would be lovely, Phil sometimes even has the rare stone tanzanite; a blue and lavender hued stone.

All metal sets are collaborated with Artisan Jewellery of Bunbury, member of the Jewellers Association of Australia and makers and designers of fine jewellery. Contact Phil with your design idea for a chat and quote today.


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