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Creature Teeth for Story Telling

Updated: Jul 5, 2021


Don't eat your photographer! Heaven only knows where they've been. I swear, vampires have the strangest appetites.


Hope you enjoy this cheeky video behind the scenes of our latest photoshoot. We've been fantastically busy behind the scenes planning all new delights for you in 2019. This year we'll be exploring more special effects creature teeth designs, using video as storytelling, and having a play with highly luminescent glow powders.

Here's a shot of the creature teeth we designed for Beautifully Haunted to be used in 'Earth Mother/Death Mother' for the golden, befanged consumerist deity. It takes some delicate hand painting work to character stain these creature teeth. As they say, the devil is in the details. Beyond doing the basic acrylic colours we can colour stain teeth designs to exactly match the rest of your mouth or can create a completely new look.

Don't miss out! We'll be performing with Beautifully Haunted Gothic fusion bellydance at:

Fringe Festival Bunbury Feb 2nd 2019

Busselton Fringe March 2nd 2019

Mr FangSmith debuts as Daric, the golden god of capitalism, in Earth Mother/Death Mother; an exploration of humanity’s lethal relationship with our planet.

Beautifully Haunted presents 'Earth Mother/Death Mother'

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