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How to Get Vampire Teeth to Stay On!

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

Fangs of a lady vampire from the local church.

For years I had struggled with different brands of cosplay and Halloween vampire teeth. The capsules of stuff you have to mix, the plastic beads you're meant to carefully melt. Then there's the problem of them falling out, not matching teeth colour, looking dorky and not at all like Lestat in the least bit, no. Those fangs have their place and are fantastic stepping stones, igniting the imagination towards darker dental delights. Here at FangSmith we make something much more; dental grade acrylic vampire caps that are specially crafted off a stone dental model of your teeth for custom fit. Our fangs have a fit so accurate that they do not need any adhesives, denture glue or hot plastic beads. They simply slide onto your tooth and stay there, held by perfect shape and a suction effect created by saliva.

Showing four sets of custom made fangs by FangSmith Australia.

Human teeth come in four different basic shapes; triangular, rectangular, square and oval. Beyond this each tooth has it's own distinctive character marks; grooves, cusps, ridges and fossa. Since our dental caps are made from an exact replica of your own teeth they are able to grasp on; fitting over your teeth because their interior matches the distinctive shape. No more worry about fangs popping off your teeth in mid conversation only to get lost or stepped on. Fangs by FangSmith will stay on until you remove them. To remove; simply grasp the fang near your gum-line with thumb and index finger, hook your nail at the top of it and gently pull until it slides off.


To protect the life of your fangs we recommend only applying and removing them in good lighting, away from crowds and at a plugged sink. Wash or sanitise your hands and for the tightest fit; brush your teeth clean to ensure the fangs can conform to them.


Fangs can be cleaned by gently brushing them with water, a bit of toothpaste and a soft bristled tooth brush. Do not eat with them, as the full pressure of your bite may eventually fracture the dental acrylic. Drinking with them is safe, though try to stay away from highly coloured drinks to prevent potential staining. Keep fangs in their container when not in use, away from sunlight and out of hot cars. Hope you enjoy your wicked new smile!

A female vampire smiles at the camera.

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