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Glow In The Dark Fangs

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

Glow in the dark special effects vampire teeth by FangSmith Australia.

Great glowing vamp fangs, Batman! We are so delighted to share our newest creations with you, inspired by those living their very darkest nightlife possible; glow in the dark custom made fangs. The fabulous glow comes from photo-luminescent pigment that has been suspended in our dental grade acrylics. Just like glow in the dark toys, these fangs do need to be intermittently charged by a light source before they will astound passersby with their nighttime glow. Mr FangSmith trialed these fangs at 7 day festival event, picking up rubbish while fully cloaked at night with a limping, Igoresque gait. When people asked what he was up to he lifted up from his haunched position and let his hood fall back to reveal his luminescent full upper and lower fanged grills. He did spook quite a few people but a few brave souls commended him on his characterised trash collecting efforts before scuttling away down freshly cleaned pathways. Onya, MOOP (matter out of place) Goblin.

Glow in the dark vampire fangs, custom made by FangSmith Australia.

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