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Dentures with Fangs

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

Dentures with vampire fangs.
A customer with dentures augmented with vampire fangs.

I do so love a good fang story! This one is courtesy of our dentured friend:

"I was born in 1969 and when I was a kid I watched my first vampire movie, Count Yorga Vampire, and I got hooked. I brought my first ever vampire fangs, they were plastic ones. There were no such things as vampire caps or permanent vampire fangs in my day, till now."

"I love vampires I ways will do, that's why. Getting fangs done is not just for the younger generation older people exist too 🖤 When my time is up I wanna have them with me if you understand."

Shared sentiments, silver-maned legend.

Bury me befanged and fully fabulous.

Custom vampire dentures.

Our customer trustingly sent in his everyday dentures to be befanged by us. We fully reconstructed the canines of his dentures, grinding back the original teeth and building the vampire teeth in their place. All much to the delight of our client, who'd been searching for exactly such a thing. We can also make a duplicate of an existing set of dentures, modifying the teeth as part of the process!

Dentures with a real silver fang
Dentures with a silver fang

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